Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Got The Beat!

Cadence- rhythm, beat, accent of sound, etc.

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: babies!

Before I start my ranting, a few updates need announcing:

1.) The poll, "Who would you be in The Great Toilet Paper Debacle (see entry titled T.P. Time)" is now closed. Apparently, most of you would be Eugene, some of you would be the Woman, and none of you would be Mr. Manager! C'mon now, be honest; NO ONE out there would be this guy who faints when he discovers his toilet paper is not designed? I don't believe it.

2.) A new poll is up. The question is "If it were raining cats and dogs, what would you do?" Please vote and show how random you are!

3.) My hit counter has reached 200!!! Way to click, guys. You rock my socks.

4.) I have added two new gadgets to my sidebar at your right. ALL the way at the bottom of the bar... keep going... keep going... there you are! There are some Random Facts there and, my personal favorite, Things to Ponder. That's fun. It COULD inspire some entries later on...

Ok, NOW the ranting shall begin. So, babies... right. Yeah, according to FOX17 News last night, scientists ran some tests on newborn babies and analyzed their brainwaves (the official way, not the way I did it a few posts ago). They played a song for them, but intentionally left out a note to see if the babies would notice. Apparently, they did. Hip hip hoorah. Babies can keep a beat! This is greater than sliced bread!

I want to know whose babies they were testing. Honestly! (Wow, I say "honestly" a lot. Sorry.) Who would actually say yes if a scientist came to their house and said that they wanted to run some tests on your child? Hmm? This is an excellent chance for some dialog, but I feel I have done a little much of that lately. So, sorry if that entertains you; maybe you should actually let me know, if you like it so much.

If babies can keep a beat and expect the right notes and all that, then what would happen if we played a bunch of different songs at once? Would they get eternally confused? Would they pick one song and block the rest out? If so, how would they pick if their musical opinions have not yet been influenced? Maybe their small-ish minds would just get overloaded and they would go into sleep mode. Oh... now I am talking about that them like they are computers. My bad.

Hey, COMPLETE change of subject! My mom just saw a super fat robin outside and said it looked like it was on steroids. I then felt inclined to inform her that I had seen a robin a few days ago that resembled a teapot. I wonder what is making them so fat; maybe they have opened their own birdy version of that fine Scottish establishment, McDonald's.

The Great Blogzini predicts: When you attempt to eat your lunch, you shall be attacked by angry mustard packets. But no fear! Ketchupboy is on the way!

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