Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do You Know Your Brain?

Random- proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: thoughts!

This, my friends, is a huge award. Considering that it is the entire reason for this blog, the thing it gets awarded to is extremely important. And that seems to be true, figuring that without thoughts, we couldn't... you know... think.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is that today, during G.I., we all started "analyzing our brains". In other words, we started with a random word, wrote down the first word that word made us think of, wrote down the first word THAT word made us think of, and so on and so forth. I am pretty sure we weren't REALLY analyzing our brain, just judging how bizarre we can be.

The friend of mine who I mentioned two blogs ago... what generic name did I give her? The one with the awesome blog? Uuuuh... I don't know. But hopefully you know who I am talking about. Anyway, she was the first one to "analyze" her thoughts.  She made note of the ones she wrote down most; I believe they were pain, explicit content, and milkshakes. Do you see why I awarded this word to thoughts? NO?! Fine. Let me demonstrate. I will do this procedure with twenty words. Let's see what happens. I shall start with the word "book".

  1. book
  2. worm
  3. dirt
  4. brown
  5. chocolate
  6. delicious
  7. Dora the Explorer
  8. mountain
  9. Charlie the Unicorn
  10. candy
  11. Halloween
  12. ghost
  13. stories
  14. children
  15. screaming
  16. horror
  17. painting
  18. clocks
  19. time
  20. High School Musical 2

Should I explain some of that? Maybe? It may not be as random then, but who wants to be confused? I don't know if there actually is such a thing as random- I think our minds just move at different paces for each individual, and no one else can keep up with your own unique pace.

Oh yeah. That was deep. 

So, let's explore my thought process:

I think its obvious why I went from book to worm. Try putting the two together if you REALLY don't get it. Worms live in dirt, dirt is brown, chocolate is also brown, chocolate is delicious. Oh, this one might be odd: I said Dora the Explorer after delicious because I thought of delicioso, which her stupid backpack says after he eats everything he has already thrown up. How that animated thing can eat, regurgitate, then eat for a second time things like rope, whole lollipops (including the sticks), and watches beats me. 

I said mountain after Dora because she is always severely confused as to where the great big fuschia mountain that is right behind her is hiding. Because mountains CAN hide, you know.  I said Charlie the Unicorn after mountain, because of his journey to Candy Mountain, which also explains the next response.  Never heard of it? 


Go look it up on YouTube. Anyhow, I said Halloween after candy and ghost after Halloween for clear reasons.  Stories after ghost- ghost stories? Duh! Children after stories because I thought of children's stories.  I said screaming after children because I have yet to meet a young child who doesn't scream at least twice a week.  Horror after screaming, blah blah blah... ha ha. This one's interesting. I said painting after horror because I thought of that one with the freaky looking guy who has his hands on his cheeks and his mouth is forming this perfect O. I think its called The Scream? Yes? No? Maybe? So? Moving on...

After painting, I said clocks because I thought of that one by Salvador Dali where all the clocks are melting. Obviously, time after clocks, and (this is a sign of true Disney infection) High School Musical 2 after time because of the first song in that extremely deep and complicated musical, "What Time is It?". 

All of these thoughts happened in the space of thirty seconds. If that doesn't convince you that thoughts are the most deserving of this award, nothing will. 

This post's fortune: Tonight, you shall dream about ninja bacon seeking revenge. 

(By the way, I do realize that this is my third post of the day. I won't be here all weekend, so I didn't want to deprive you of randomness. Plus, I was bored.)


  1. HEE HEE!!!
    1. Button
    2. Flair
    2. Dumbledore
    3. Gay Parade
    4. Lee in a wig
    5. Weather
    6. Snow Days
    7. Ms. Keith
    8. Goo Goo Dolls
    9. Polls
    10. Backscratcher
    11. Glitter Glue
    12. Tissue Boxes
    13. Funerals
    14. Gossip Girl
    15. Homeroom
    16. Mr. Hawkins in a glittery wig
    17. Ashley's dream
    18. Meredith's dream
    19. Greek Mythology
    20. Professor McGonagall

  2. I don't even remember how i got from one thing to another!!!