Friday, January 9, 2009

Charity Cheer

Stranded- to be brought into or left in a difficult or helpless position.

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: adults ages 30-55!

Now, I don't know if that is the "official" age range for middle-aged people, but you catch my drift.

Oh, good job, you observant readers! You noticed that this is my second blog post of the day. I decided that now that my freaky adrenaline rush from before has died down, I would honor you with a second post.  Also, I felt like more ranting, and my friends weren't providing very good conversation.  Don't you feel special?

Anyway, so why did I award middle-aged people with the STRANDED award? I mean, last time I checked, my parents were not sitting in the middle of a deserted island, cracking open coconuts and pushing messages in bottles out to sea.  Well, you sillies, that is not the only definition of STRANDED! Look above, and you will see another meaning!!! 

OK, does this still not make sense? Let me explain; we were in this thing at my school called G.I. today. Its pretty much a 25 minute study hall before lunch.  But on Friday's, we are forced to participate in Five Star Friday, in which we have to reach into the deepest depths of our hearts and let all the difficult stuff in our lives spill over onto the floor, where the other angst-y teenagers in our big Circle O' Friendship will gaze into it and magically solve our problems by giving us a big bucketful of consoling words.  My life has changed dramatically since they started this program.

So today, we were talking about the charity project the school is forcing, ahem, I mean asking us to participate in over the next week.  Some of the suggested ideas they gave us were helping the elderly, helping little children...


A cry of alarm, shouted by my good friend who shall hereby go by the generic name of Jenny.  

"WHY is it that it suggests we help the elderly and the children, when no one is helping the middle-aged people?"

Well, now. That's a good question.  It's not like they couldn't use the help.  Everyone needs help all the time.  Like right now, I wish I wasn't being blinded by the laptop light, but that can't be helped.  And my mom is annoyed at the beeping oven.  And my dad... well, he is being all emo because I am leaving him to watch TV while I go to Buca de Beppo tonight.  

Oh. Speaking of which, I have to go soon.  But anyway.

Maybe I should volunteer to read to the middle-aged? Or to do their grocery shopping for them?  I wonder if someone will start an Institute for the Middle Aged in the future.  Why not? They have institutes for everything else. 

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