Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dialogs ARE Fun, Aren't They?

Because I'm bored, here's some lovely dialog to go along with the last entry:

Security Guard 1: Hola, me amigo! Como estas?

Security Guard 2: ... What?

Security Guard 1: C'mon man, keep up! Its simple Spanish!

Security Guard 2: DUDE! I'm learning French! Duh!

Security Guard 1: Maybe so, but EVERYONE should know what "como estas" means!

Security Guard 2: Do YOU know what it means?

Security Guard 1: ... Well... of course! It means... it means...

Security Guard 1 very obviously turns to his computer and goes to a translation website.

Security Guard 1: It means "How are you?" Ooooooh!

Security Guard 2: Hey! You looked it up! Cheater!

Security Guard 1: GASP! How dare you!

Security Guard 2: Are you calling me a liar?

Security Guard 1: You'd better believe it!

1 &2 (simultaneously): YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

Meanwhile, on the screens the guards are idiotically neglecting because of the distractions of bad foreign language abilities...

Office Attendee (sorry if there is an official term for this job that I don't know): No! You can't have the school funds!

Robber: You fool! I am a master of the art of karate! Surrender the funds, or I shall unleash my viper-resembling skills!

Office Attendee: What are you supposed to be, a ninja? Please! My five year-old son can do a better job than that!

Robber: Excuse me?! What a sharp tongue you have there. But be careful with a tool such as that, for, like foreign languages, if misused, it will bring great annoyance to others.

Office Attendee: ... What? OK, security! Security, get this lunatic out of here!

Awkward silence follows as no security shows up.

Office Attendee: Goodness, what is going on today? Jimmy, would you come here please?

Cute little five year-old boy skips to his mother.

Office Attendee: Could you do Mommy a favor and demonstrate your ninja skills to this man?

Jimmy: Yaay! Thanks, Mommy!

Jimmy proceeds to karate chop the robber to tiny bits as the guards continue to brawl over their idiocy.



  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOVED it! It was really funny...by the way, when I was on Facebook, guess who came up on the people you might know thing? Jackon.

  2. Wow... its really sad that you are the only one who comments... but I enjoy it! Keep doing it!

    Thank you thank you or should I say gracias gracias? I try. Oh yeah I am friends with him.