Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sneak Peek

Scene- the place where some action or event occurs.

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: the French room at my middle school!

OK, I admit, this isn't a very good award. But I couldn't think of anything to go along with what I feel like ranting about today. Which, by the way, is really nothing. I am just going to give you a special sneak peek of my surroundings: tell you who's here, what's going on, etc. I might do this every once in a while, if I don't feel like thinking of something random to blog about. Or when I don't feel like studying for my social studies quiz. *Cough cough* But don't worry. It should still be filled with interesting bits of my thoughts.

Anyway, so right now I am in the French room here at school, avoiding the lectures of my Media Tech teacher. See, I am on the newspaper with about five other people, so we are special and privileged. So while our "friends" on WGMS (the terrible news broadcast that has yet to have a successful airing all year) suffer the pointless rants that somehow all include the Air Force, football, and poor examples of motivation, we very elite kids on the newspaper staff enjoy the leisures (sorry for any misspelling there) of blogging and computer games. Its a hard life.

So my friend, who shall go by the generic name of Lisa, is sitting to my left, playing a Not Doppler game called Bubble Shooter. Pretty much, the premisis is to try and shoot a bunch of the same colored dots in a row so they pop like bubbles (wonder how these very creative people came up with the name) until all the dots are gone. It can be rather addicting. My other friend, who shall go by the generic name of Esther, is standing behind Lisa, directing her as to where to shoot the bubbles. Meanwhile, they are both listening to the online radio website, Pandora. Which, by the way, I hate. You type in one song you want to listen to, and it gives you one it thinks you will like. Computers can't think, clearly demonstrated by the fact that it pops up with Linkin Park when I type in the Killers. But I digress.

Sitting to my right, my seventh-grade apprentice who shall go by the generic name of Debbie is...also...playing...Bubble Shooter... wow. My friends have no life. What are the guys doing?

Yes, we have guys on the newspaper staff. Two of them! They shall go by the generic names of James and Tim. Currently, James is making the crossword puzzle that is going on the back page of the newspaper. (He is the entertainment editor.) At least, that's what it looks like he's doing. I won't bother to ask.

Tim is actually STUDYING! Take it from me; this is quite the miracle. Tim never studies... oh wait, he is just doing math homework. Substitution and word problems... yum.

We supposedly have a math test on that stuff today, which our teacher neglected to tell us about. This greatly saddens me, as it means I will have to waste my entire G.I. period studying for it. Joy to the world.

OK, I am gonna go try to study while my friends a.) play Bubble Shooter b.) listen to Bleed It Out c.) play more Bubble Shooter d.) supposedly make crossword puzzles, then decide to act like they are sniping the rest of us and/or e.) "finish" their homework and play Minesweeper. Before I go, check out It is my friend's blog (no one mentioned in this post) and it is hysterical. Go to it, just as long as you promise to come back here at some point in your life. OK? Great. Thanks.

This posts' fortune: Later on this month, you shall befriend a balloon named Wilson.

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