Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Well, HELLO, my little cabbages! (French term of endearment, right there!) I am very pleased to wish you all a wondrous and spectacular 4th of July! I myself am in a superbly awesome mood today, and do not feel like being constricted by the usual format. Yes, that's right! It's a free-for-all today! My favorite kind of post!

I feel very ironic today. You know how today's supposed to be all patriotic, and you're supposed to wear red, white, and blue? Well, I was GOING to, but then I saw this shirt at the mall yesterday that was light and dark green stripes. This may not sound all that exciting, but it looked EXACTLY like Steve's shirt! You know, from the original Blue's Clues? Before that POSER named Joe was on? Yeah, Steve owns him. So did his shirt. I mean, green clearly beats orange any day. So today, instead of celebrating our country's independence with my attire, I appear to be supporting the leprechauns. Eh, oh well. I've always liked March better than July, anyway. 

So, most of you know about my obsession with The Killers, right? If not, which rock have you been living under? Heh heh, just kidding... sort of. Anyways, the song I've been most obsessed with lately is "On Top" from Hot Fuss. I think it has one of the best lines EVER. You ready for this? Alright-

"We bring the bump to the grind, uh huh, I don't mind!"

AAAH! I ADORE that line! Goodness me... it's great. ;-D

Oh, and you know how I called you "my little cabbages" at the beginning of this post? Well, I got that from this book called The Daring Book for Girls, or something along those lines. It has a page for both French and Spanish phrases and terms of endearment. It's very useful. For example, Spanish people apparently use the phrase "Let's get back to our sheep" whenever they want to get back on subject. And then there's "Just because you were born in an oven doesn't make you a loaf of bread!" I have no idea what that one might mean. The book didn't explain. And the French... oh, the French. You think "little cabbages" is weird? They also use "my flea". Really? Huh. Just huh.

This book also had a list of women inventors and scientists. One of them invented a "self-cleaning house" which has a device in the ceiling of each room that can adjust the heat on it's own. Not only that, but it can also send soapy water through each room to "clean it", and then dry itself, too. The floors are slightly slanted to help drainage, and you're supposed to put thing that shouldn't get wet under tables and stuff. Sounds like a lot of work to me. What if you have a big, flat-screen TV? What table do you put that under? But it does have ONE cool part: The closets can wash, dry, and fold everything by itself. I know. Awesome, right?

Alright, well, I want to go celebrate with the rest of the country, as I'm sure you do, too. Here's wishing you a fireworks-filled day! Go have fun, my fleas!