Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Theme Song!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, folks; no award or definition in this post! Just an update- but it's a really fascinating one! Ready? READY?!?! Oh, goodness, I'm excited. Here we go!

This blog needs a THEME SONG. Seriously. Every awesome thing has a theme song. Think about it: Kit-Kat bars, Harry Potter (and his Puppet Pals), even Swiffer! We need to think of something catchy. This is a life-or-death matter, people! Sort of... well, anyway, it can be anything! My first thought was pretty cheesy, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, because I am so pumped. How many of you have seen Veggie Tales? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Well, anyway, there's one episode with some giant pickle... I think it's Goliath, or something. And the little pea guys are sitting on top of this wall, taunting Larry by singing "Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall! Keep walking, but she isn't gonna fall! It's plain to see your brains are very small, so keep walking! We'll be knocking down your wall." What if we changed walking to blogging? So it'd be like "Keep blogging! But you won't knock down our wall."

The problem with that one, however, is that it doesn't make any sense. Also, it refers to Veggie Tales, which refers to a particular religion, which is not what this blog is about. Soooooooooooo... I need ideas! It could be a completely new thing, or it could be based off an old thing! I don't care! Just be creative, and make it suit this blog. The theme song would be so much cooler if it came from the readers! I'm also asking for suggestions on Facebook, so you can post your ideas there also.



  1. i think it would fit your blog better if it didn't make since

  2. Something by Mr. Heath... "Chicken on the Run", maybe, or "Leopard" :)

  3. True, pduster, though i think u meant sense.

    Never heard of Mr. Heath, and the link you posted doesn't allow me to listen to the songs. Can't find them on YouTube either. If you can find links to the actual songs, that would be mucho helpful!