Saturday, June 27, 2009

Harry Potter and the Mood Elevator

Confounding- astounding, wondrous, etc.

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: Human Resources! (HR)

You see, my dad works in HR, and every once in a while they have to go through training sessions to make sure they're on top of things. This week's session was based around (bum buh DA) THE MOOD ELEVATOR.

What is the mood elevator, you ask? Well, well, it is only the core of the human operating system! (No joke; this is honestly what they were told in their training session.) There are many levels on the mood elevator, ranging anywhere from Content or Happy to flat-out ANGRY. Grrrr! And right smack-dab in the middle is Curious. Curious is considered neutral because you neither like nor dislike something. You're just curious!


I know, right? Who comes up with this stuff?

Now, I have recently been on a Harry Potter kick, as I want to re-read the series before the new movie comes out. And I think the mood elevator sounds like another adventure in the HP series! In fact, it might just be fun to see what happens in:

Book 8: Harry Potter and the Mood Elevator

(In the scene are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are standing in a seemingly normal elevator...)

Ron: Where are we going today, Harry?

Harry: Dumbledore told me that this elevator has mystical powers, and that we shouldn't go anywhere near it. I thought it might be fun to explore it!

Hermione: Oooh, but Harry! We're probably breaking dozens of rules, not to mention that this could be cursed by a Dark Wizard, or...

Ron: Oh, lighten up, Hermione! It's just a bit of fun! Let's see where it goes!

(Ron walks over to the buttons, but stops when he hears...)

Neville: NO!

(Harry, Ron, and Hermione all jump and turn to face him.)

Harry: Neville! What are you doing here?

Neville: I overheard you talking about an elevator. My grandmother had told me about this one. She... she said it's dangerous!

Ron: Neville, your grandmother thinks everything is dangerous. She should have tea with Hermione someday! They'd get along well, don't you think?

(Hermione glares.)

Hermione: Oh, MOVE! I'll push the buttons myself!

(Neville trembles.)

Hermione: That's funny... it doesn't have the name of the floors...

Ron: So, what? Does that make it dangerous?

(Hermione hesitates, about to say something, but...)

Harry: Oh, c'mon, Hermione! Look, we'll just push the one.

(Harry pushes one of the buttons. The elevator vibrates, but doesn't seem to be moving up or down.)

Ron: W-what just happened?

Harry: I don't know... but wasn't it great!

Hermione: Oh, yes, Harry! That was fantastic! Let's do it again, shall we?

Neville: Oh, NO...

Ron: Come off it, Neville; what's wrong? Aren't you excited? That was so fun!

Neville: I t-tried to tell you! This is the Mood Elevator! Every button you push changes your mood. I g-guess you pushed Excitement.

Harry: Really? That's fascinating! I wonder what the other buttons are!

(He pushes another. The elevator vibrates again.)

Hermione: Interesting... I wonder how this works? 

Ron: Yeah... do you reckon it's very old magic?

Harry: (looking at Neville's feet) Neville, where in the world did you get those shoes? 

Neville: Oh... you m-must have hit the C-curious button. 

Hermione: Neville... why aren't YOU being affected by the elevator?

Neville: Oh, Gran put a charm on me to protect me. 

Ron: I don't know why you would need protecting. This elevator is probably one of the greatest wizard inventions ever! I should look into it's design and tell Dad...

Harry: I wonder what these other buttons do...

(He pushes another one, and the elevator vibrates once again. Hermione starts screaming loudly.)

Harry: What is it, Hermione?!

Hermione: Look! LOOK! There's a fly in here! (She screams again.)

(Ron and Harry spot the fly and drop to the floor, screaming as well.)

Neville: Oh, no! Terror... you pushed Terror! 

(He hurries over to the buttons and pushes one.)

Ron: Wow, Neville! That was really brave of you-

Harry: -we never would have been able to do that on our own, excellent job-

Hermione: -you're a hero, Neville! Thank you ever so much!

(They all give Neville a giant group hug.)

Neville: Oh. G-grateful. This might not be too bad...

(He presses the OPEN DOOR button and walks out, Harry, Ron, and Hermione still thanking him whole-heartedly. However, standing in front of them is none other than a very angry Gran.)

Gran: NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM! How DARE you try to walk off without resetting these poor children's emotions! You're supposed to be their friend, and I simply can not believe that you would-

Harry: Oh, no, Mrs. Longbottom, Neville's a great friend-

Ron: -we wouldn't trade him for the world, he's spectacular-

Hermione: -it'd be excellent if he could stay with us for the summer, can he-

(Gran glowers at Neville, then waves her wand at the trio. They appear briefly dazed before turning to Neville.)

Ron: Well, what'd you do that for?!

Harry: We sounded like idiots, Neville! Were you really going to leave us like that?

Hermione: Really, Neville, it was very inconsiderate, and people would have noticed eventually.

Gran: Well? What do you have to say for yourself?

(Neville's eyes dart from face to face anxiously before he runs suddenly back into the elevator, removing the charm on himself as the doors close. Two minutes later, he exits the elevator and walks back to the group.)

Neville: What are you looking at me like that for?

Gran: You're in serious trouble, young man?

Neville: Am I? I don't remember...

Hermione: Oh, NO! He must have pushed the Forgetful button!

(Everyone groans except Neville, who asks-)

Neville: Oooh, look! An elevator! Wonder where it goes?