Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello, my dear readers! I am ever so sorry I haven't blogged in a while; I've been a tad bit busy. But no matter! Because I am back and pumped for ACTION! Yeah! 

Why is this, you ask? Because I am mixing it up today (and you guys know how much I LOVE to mix things up.) No awards, no definitions; today is all about COMMERCIALS.

Yes! Commercials! Arguably the most interesting things on television! I've been wanting to do this for a while... OOH, I'm so excited! See, what we'll be doing is exploring the realm of commercials! We'll pick out the funniest ones, the ones that have the best music, and the ones that just don't make any sense. Oh, and let me just be clear that I am NOT advertising any of these things. I probably haven't used any of them, so don't go buy this stuff because you think I told you to, because I'm not. I just think their commercials are funny. Alright! Shall we begin? I think we shall! 

This first commercial is from a series of similar ones that are all equally as funny. (Oh, and I'm sorry I have to post these as links. Blogspot isn't letting me upload videos.

I love the bald guy's bowtie. 

Next is the ever-so-popular talking baby commercials! Seriously, if you HAVEN'T seen these yet, you've been living under a rock. I'm actually going to post two of these, because I just can't decide which I like better.

See, the first one supports those of us who have an irrational fear of clowns (and I do believe that is a very large group). But the second one... all I can say is WOW. Awesome.

This next one was actually the #1 funniest commercial in... some... countdown of funny commercials! I find it extraordinarily funny myself, seeing as my dad cracks these jokes around the house 24/7. But I digress.

And I am ABSOLUTELY not encouraging you to buy beer, seeing as most of you are my age. So don't. Bleh.

I think I will post a couple with music I enjoy. In these, focus on the MUSIC. Though maybe I'll be able to whip up some sarcastic tidbits about them, anyway.

Why, yes! I do have sarcastic tidbits to share! I would like to know WHERE they got all this gigantic fruit. You always see it in commercials, and there was even one in High School Musical 2! (For those who care, and I truly hope you don't, it's the scene where Sharpay is singing "Fabulous".) I do love the music in this commercial, though, so I won't bash it too hard. 

I actually downloaded the song from this next one, and have learned that it is the happiest, most optimistic song EVER MADE. It inspired me to make a Happy Playlist on my iPod. I'll post the rest of the song below the video, so you can hear what I mean.

Hmmm... I promised you some just plain stupid ones, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Can I leave it to you, readers? You've been getting better at responding to my pleads for help, but you're not quite there yet... I suppose it IS for your own enjoyment, so if you guys want funny commercials to watch, tell your friends and have them send links to me! You know what to do- post your links in the comment box if you have any. I won't beg; it's your loss if you don't!

I hope you guys liked this commercial break. (Ha ha ha! I'm so funny.... ahem.) This is the part where I DO beg. PLEASE give me feedback! For once in your lives! Just let me know what you think! It's really not that hard! I really don't mind if you didn't like it; that's what I need to know! So, go! Flee! Comment! NOW! 

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