Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Entry!

Well, I'm officially impressed. You guys (well, two of you) went above and beyond the call of duty. I requested your services, and you delivered. That's right, folks. We have yet another SUPER RECLINER! And with that, I'll upload the photos!



Aaaaaand WELCOME to the ever-growing gallery of Super Recliners! Today's photos were sent in by Carson, and what a great batch they are! Take a look:

Excellent! Just excellent! And here's a lovely closeup for you:

I ADORE the mask! I didn't even ask for one, but now it seems so obvious! Every superhero, recliner or not, has a secret identity, correct? Carson's raising the bar for any of you late submitters out there!

Another thing I love about this one; the cape! It's made of a dress "stolen from the dress-up box", as Carson said in her email to me. Could this Super Recliner be a cape CAPER? (Oh, ho ho, I'm so witty!)

And one last full-body side shot for your enjoyment:

This one looks like it's flying off into the distance, a perfect way to end this entry...

BUT WAIT! The entry's not over! Now that I have more than one submission, I am (yes!) posting a poll! Which Super Recliner is more SUPER, Sophia's or Carson's? Make sure to judge fairly, and incorporate such things as flair, accuracy, and overall awesomeness into your vote. Now go! Scatter! But vote before you leave!

Thanks again to Carson and Sophia for being awesome participants! Good luck to you both.

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