Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Greetings, dear readers. This will be brief. Those of you who read the last post know all about my request for the creation of the Super Recliner. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Then scroll down to the post right below this one and you'll understand. For those who DO know what I am talking about, I am pleased to announce that I have actually gotten some photos of a Super Recliner! THIS is what reader participation looks like, folks. Just in case you don't know. It's when the READERS (that's you) PARTICIPATE (a.k.a. does what the blogger tells them to in order to appease her.) Heh heh... anyways.

Please enjoy these wondrous photos taken by our very own Sophia!

Perfect, my dear Sophia, just perfect! I love the arm sticking out to the side like Super Recliner is flying. Outstanding!

A closeup here shows us the eyes in a better light. Observe how they are looking into the distance, going together with the arm we saw before, flying into the sky. How wondrous!

She even lifted the cushion up a bit for the mouth, like I said! And the Tinkerbell cape is marvelous. The whole thing is simply splendid, and my other readers *cough cough you cough* really should take a page out of Sophia's book. (Not literally, however, because I hate the desecration of books with my whole heart, not to mention it would be quite rude.) Well done! I hope to see more Super Recliners soon, and maybe we can have a little competition to see whose is most super!

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