Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweden, Sweden, Sweden... THAT'S THE COUNTRY FOR ME!

Efficacious- influential, powerful, effective, etc.

Before we begin, I have some updates to announce. First off, WHERE IS EVERYONE? Gosh, it's bad enough that I seem to be the only blogger left in my group of blogging friends. (I never imagined I'd be the one to continue this little trend.) But now you have all stopped reading, too! I know I haven't blogged in a while, but COME ON! I think one person besides myself read the last entry. Wow, you guys. I feel loved.

Anyway, since you guys haven't visited in while, I will let you know that there is a not-so-new poll up! Please please please go vote because it is something about the format of this blog and it would thrill me to actually have responses other than my own.

Aaaaaand, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!! As you can see, I am being very festive by typing this wondrous entry in a lovely shade of green. I am also attempting to convince my fourth-grader neighbor that I am a leprechaun, despite the fact that I hardly wore any green today, I don't have red hair or a pot of gold, and I'm not Irish. But I can sort of jig!!! OK... I said sort of.

But today's entry has to do with a country other than Ireland. In fact....

The Walking Dictionary's Definition of the Day Award goes to: Sweden!

You see, my darlings, this week I have graciously explored the great advances Sweden has made in the Earth's continuously growing culture. Not only do those little red candy fish taste so good (those ARE Swedish, right?), but this European country has taken ginormous steps in the expansion of knowledge.

... JUST KIDDING!! But Sweden is a great country, so don't think I am insulting them. I'm not. I am simply informing you that we are NOT here to discuss the great leaps the country may or may not have made; does that seem to fit with this blog's style? I didn't think so. No, no, we are here for something much more important.

You see, my friend (who will hereby go by the generic name of Jeanie) and I are in Spanish class together. This week, we had to write a script using certain, pre-chosen lines and present our "skit" to the class. The first line of our script was "Hola! Adonde vas?" which translates to "Hello! Where are you going?"

Not only did I say the opening "Hola!" in an overly perky tone, I put a lot of emphasis on certain parts of the "Adonde vas?" Unintentionally, it came out sounding very, very Swedish. I know this is very stereotypical of me; perhaps not all Swedish people have this sort of accent. But it doesn't matter anyway, because my friend and I were already in fits of laughter before I could even consider this topic.

Why, oh, why am I telling you this? Frankly, I don't know, nor do I care. Since none of you read this anymore, it's not as if it matters what I write here. I could simply write SNICKERDOODLE SNICKERDOODLE SNICKERDOODLE a thousand times and post it, and who would know? No one, that's who. Perhaps this was my unconcious mind's way of getting back at you insolent non-readers, though that was not my intention when I started writing this. My intention was to tell you a funny story, which turned out to be not as funny as I thought because you can't actually hear me say my very Swedish Spanish phrase. (By the way, Jeanie and I are now calling ourselves Swaniards. Can't figure that one out? Tough snickerdoodles.)

Interesting. Now I have typed myself up into a somewhat spoiled mood. I do not see much point in blogging to people who do not care. I will keep blogging, though, because I enjoy ranting, but not as much effort will go into it, I don't believe. What a pity... oh, wait! No one's on the other end of this to pity me. I think I will go watch Ghostbusters.

The Great Blogzini says: At 9:00 AM tomorrow, you will recieve a fax from your future self, telling you to climb a very high tree and look around. I suggest following your advice.


  1. Oh my randomness Bacon. Sorry I've haven't been reading or posting. I've been kind of a little busy what with babies and surgeries and feeding tubes.

  2. Confucious say: Blog regularly and they will come.